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Want to learn how to be debt free and take your finances to the next level? 

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Hi, I'm Macela

I believe every person has the right to be rich, the power to build a financially independent life for themselves and their families, full of freedom and abundance, and be debt free at the same time. I'm a medical student, I volunteer as an EMT, I teach Brazilian nationals ESL and I help people become financially independent by stopping and eliminating bad debt, building a solid savings account, investing in their dreams, giving back to those in need and enjoying life in the process. It doesn't have to be one or another, you can have it all

Let Me Show You!

Grow Your Knowledge

Learn the tools I used to make $25,00 out of a $10,00 deposit, donate and help people in need and make that happen for your family and friends.

Grow Your Money

Imagine investing $5 and making 100% in profits in a month? How about getting paid to invest? Let me show you how you can do that too and more.

Grow Your Freedom

Release, let go of all worries and preoccupations about your financial life and your future, allow yourself to enjoy life and create a life worthy of you.

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Get my FREE mini-course which is designed to show you how you can start right now to building financial freedom and a life of abundance, without bad debt and helping others less fortunate in the process.

3 Quests That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Starting with Ques #1, you'll have the tools and knowledge to stop debt once and for all in your life, start building (or grow) your savings and take the next step towards financial stability.

Why Is This So Effective?

Quest #2  and Quest #3 will allow you to learn the tools to stop the crazy spending, have left over money in the end of the month and get paid to shop.

If Not Now, Then When?

It does not pay to let your current situations dictates what you think, what you can do and who you are. Decided now to take control of your financial life, start feeling abundant and fulfill your goals and dreams. I'll give you the keys! 

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